Parties and Assignment. This agreement (“the Agreement”) is entered into as of the ____day of ____________2020 (the Effective Date) by and between_______(company name, hereafter referred to as “Client”), having a place of business at _________ and AK SOCIAL MEDIA, LLC (hereafter referred to as “Designer”). The contract is in regards to professional web and graphic design services to be performed on/for the following project (s) :


Work. Designer agrees to produce written materials (the “Work”) at the request of the Client for fees agreed upon in advance and turn in or deliver the Work by an agreed-upon deadline and submission method. Designer agrees that she will be the sole author of the work, which will be original work by the Designer, free of plagiarism. Designer is to use reasonable care to ensure that all facts and statements in the Work are true and that the Work does not infringe upon any copyright, right of privacy, proprietary right, right of publicity and any other right of a third party. Designer will cooperate with Client in editing and otherwise revise the Work prior to completion and launch. Designer will cooperate with Client if any complaints, claims or litigations should arise regarding the work.


Website Content. The Client agrees to complete web design request packet in full before design-time begins. Client is responsible for all content and verbiage for web design. Designer is not responsible for creating content for website outside of graphic designs. The client agrees that all content is original and not in violation of another business's copyrights. Additional fees may apply if the client submits additional content once the original packet is completed and sent. The Client is required to submit all files via our website aksocialmedia.net inside of the client portal. Client is allowed 5 tabs for the base package. All items such as verbiage, professional photography,video and sound must be submitted in ONE electronic format (Microsoft Word, Google Doc) to begin the process. Screenshots are not permitted. All e-commerce pricing must be specially assigned to each item. All content is to be arranged by each web page. The Designer is not responsible for any errors such as misspellings or grammar provided by the Client. The Designer may also omit any low-quality content provided by The Client, in which he/she will be notified. The Client is responsible for making additional payments for any changes requested during the designing process. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Photography. High quality/ professional images are required by The Client for the completion of web design. Stock images can be provided by AK SOCIAL MEDIA for an additional fee of $50 for 5 images.

Communication. One on-boarding consultation phone call is held to confirm the needs of “the client”. All communication thereafter is via email to keep a paper trail of all dialogue between the client and the designer to prevent any discrepancies. If for any reason “the client” needs to contact “the designer” after business hours, only email communication will be permitted. Contacting “the designer” via their own personal social media, personal phone, or any communication outside of what is requested is forbidden and may result in termination of services with absolutely no refund given. Disorderly conduct such as foul language and obsessive communication will also not be tolerated and will result in termination of services with no refunds given.


Timeline. After homework is completed in full and sent to The Designer, the process of 4-6 weeks will begin; PHOTOGRAPHY INCLUDED. If additional information is sent after initial homework is sent, TIMELINE WILL l BE DELAYED BY ONE WEEK. Timelines are an estimate and not guaranteed. We will not be held responsible for any announced launch dates, pre-orders, or any matters there-of. Timelines are based on the current volume designer is experiencing. This timeline is for the first round of design time, NOT the entire process including any editing that may be needed thereafter. Once web design is complete, the Client has 5 business days to respond with edits. After edits have been made, the Client has 72 hours to confirm. The domain will be connected 24-72 hours after the Client has approved the final design. If domain information


Launch. A desired launch date must be expressed within the homework packet. The desired launch date is not a guaranteed launch date but gives the designer an idea of when you would like to launch. Please keep in mind our timeline is based on the initial design time. NOT THE FULL PROCESS. Additional edits and changes require additional time to complete. We are not responsible for meeting a deadline not previously discussed before design time. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Web Hosting. The Client understands that any web hosting services require a separate contract with a web hosting service. We are not responsible for hosting price or fees associated with the platform. The Client is required to select a web hosting service which allows The Designer full access to the website. The Client understands that certain features may have to be activated and/or purchased from the web hosting service in order for the website to function properly. AK SOCIAL MEDIA is not responsible for selecting a web host for the client. The client is responsible for researching which platform works best for their needs. If SHOPIFY is selected as host of choice, client is responsible for selecting a free or purchased theme. We do not purchase themes on your behalf. We DO NOT offer coding. Selected theme code cannot be altered. Please also be aware that additional apps such as booking, forms, etc., may require additional fees that the client will be responsible for.


Domain. Client is responsible for the purchase of their website domain. This can be acquired on godaddy.com. Please be advised that domains may take up to 48 hours to connect after website has been completed and approved. Domain cannot be connected until monthly/yearly platform planned is purchased. This plan must be purchased within 72 hours of website completion.


Training. The Designer will provide Skype or telephone assistance to the Client’s designated representative regarding management of the Client’s website. Additional fees for group and on-site at the Client’s place of business may apply.


Confidentiality. Designer acknowledges that he/she may be furnished or may otherwise receive or have access to information which relations to the Client’s past, present or future products, vendor list, creative works, marketing strategies, pending projects and proposals, and other proprietary information which gives the client and opportunity to acquire an advantage over its competitors who do not know or use it (the “Proprietary Information). Designer agrees to preserve and protect the confidentiality of the Proprietary Information and all physical forms thereof, where disclosed or disseminate the Proprietary Information to any third party and shall not use to Proprietary Information for the benefit of any third party. Unless requested in writing by the Client, Designer can use materials designed for client, and final products on the designers website (www.aksocialmedia.net) to illustrate designers ability for portfolio purposes. Unless requested in writing by Client, Designer can incorporate a link to designers website (www.aksocialmedia.net) into the footer of a web presence for Client as credit for the Work.


Compensation. A non-refundable 50% deposit is due from the Client to reserve time for e-commerce web design to be completed for full priced web design. Deposit may not be redeemed for any other services if the client decides not to go through with the website. REVAMPS AND SALE PRICING IS PAID IN FULL UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. All payments made to AK SOCIAL MEDIA LLC are non-refundable. If client chooses to cancel services, the deposit/payment will be served as a cancellation fee. If the parameters of the Work change, or if it involves more than time estimated, the Designer will inform the Client and rates may be negotiated. Remaining balance is due 72 hours upon the Client’s approval. Client is responsible for reviewing website in its ENTIRETY before confirming approval with designer. After approval confirmation, final invoice will be sent along with ownership of the website. Any day(s) thereafter will result in a $5 per day fine added to final invoice total. After 30 days of incomplete payment, legal action will take place. After client receives transfer, we are no longer responsible for the design. Once web design has been approved by the Client and launch has taken place, the Designer is not responsible for any updates thereafter. The Designer may be contracted to update website as the Client finds the need. By paying invoice and signing this agreement, you are consenting to a legally binding contract. The client is also responsible for the monthly or yearly fee website platform charges.