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Make your mark, CEO. It's time to be more visible to the world.

What's inside?

  1. Brand Strategy: A deep dive into your brand's vision, mission, values, target audience, and market positioning to develop a strategic foundation for your brand identity.

  2. Logo Design: The creation of a primary logo that visually represents your brand, often accompanied by secondary logo variations for flexibility and versatility.

  3. Brand Icon or Favicon: A compact and recognizable brand icon or favicon that represents your brand in a simplified form, often used for digital applications like website tabs or mobile apps.

  4. Color Palette: A carefully curated set of colors that align with your brand's personality, evoke desired emotions, and maintain consistency across various platforms.

  5. Typography: The selection of fonts that reflect your brand's tone, readability, and overall aesthetic, ensuring a consistent typography system across all brand assets.

  6. Brand Guidelines: A comprehensive document outlining the proper usage and guidelines for your brand elements, including logo placement, color usage, typography, and more, to ensure consistent application across different mediums.

  7. Stationery Design: Creation of business cards, and letterheads, that incorporate your brand's visual identity for a cohesive professional appearance.

  8. Social Media Templates: Custom templates for various social media platforms, allow you to maintain a consistent brand presence and visually appealing content across different channels.

  9. Email Signature Templates: Professionally designed email signature templates featuring your brand's visual elements and contact information for consistent and polished email communication.

  10. Facebook + Linked-In banner: A custom banner that reinforces your brand's identity and professionalism. This banner serves as a visual statement, capturing attention and communicating your expertise to potential connections.

  11. Content Calendar: A 30-day strategic calendar for you to execute and begin building your powerhouse personal brand.


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